Fast Trust - Families Autism and Behaviour Support Trust

Fast Trust: The Families Autism and Behavioural Support Trust. Supporting Waikato families who have a child on the autism spectrum or a child facing challenges leading to behaviour that makes access to mainstream education problematic. I have been advised from a Hamilton school that they found this service life changing for 20 of their students with varying levels of autism. The trust comes to the school with a specialised psychologist and they assess each child’s needs/behavior and create an action plan.They then support the teachers with tailor made strategies and also go into the family’s home and help them replicate the strategies there. This school has advised me that families have been so grateful and happy with the service. They have shared how they now have effective communication with their child, that their child is starting to thrive. Autistic children are not often applicable for funded supports (unless have other conditions etc), and this trust seems to be meeting some of this need. There is a wait list. See the following link for their website

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