Incredible Years Programme

Incredible Years

The Incredible Years programme is funded by the Ministry of Education. The goal of this programme is to train teachers through evidence-based behaviour management techniques and strategies. In turn, these practises promote and encourage nurturing and strong relationships that support academic and emotional success.

The Incredible Years Pyramid

To the left is a pyramid of skills and strategies teachers and parents can use to conceptualize the effective skills it takes to help a child achieve their goals.

You can see that the foundation is about forming strong and meaningful relationships. This allows students to blossom into strong individuals who problem solve, co-operate and strive to achieve in their endeavours. The bottom of the pyramid encapsulates this and encourages frequent use of these strategies to help successfully nurture and scaffold students' learning growth.

As we move our way up the pyramid, we can see that these practises and tools are used to help drive predictable routines, coaching and redirection which allows students to improve their ability to stay motivated and inquire on new topics.

Next on the pyramid we can begin to see clear discipline tools such as clear limits and consistency. These will prune out negative behaviours and in turn help the child's learning process.

The top of the pyramid is specifically focused on helping students understand, develop and use self-regulation techniques, self control and problem solving strategies so they become more independent in their learning.

"Research on child and early brain development shows that responsive early brain development shows that responsive and nurturing interactions play a pivotal role in development of children's healthy cognitions and social and emotional brain architecture." - Carolyn Webster-Stratton 2012