International Learners

Hukanui Primary School is proud to be able to offer placements to International Learners and is delighted to host learners as part of our global learning community. Our International Learners are fully integrated into our learning community and participate in all aspects of New Zealand student life. We have confidence that your child will be well cared for in a welcoming and nurturing school environment.

Our International Learners are supported by our Deputy Principals and International Coordinator. This support ensures that all International Learners at Hukanui receive comprehensive pastoral care which supports their transition into Hukanui Primary School and makes it as smooth as possible. On arrival at Hukanui Primary School your child will participate in an orientation and induction programme. Where possible we will provide a Hukanui Primary School Student Translator to support your child in finding their way around the school grounds and helping them to understand our school culture and customs.

Speakers of English Language Learners (ELLs) are also supported with English Language Learning Assistants as part of their learning programme. This support ensures that close relationships are formed and students feel comfortable in taking risks. Risk taking and confidence is key to developing skills in a second language. Lessons focus on both spoken and written English development. Hukanui Primary School observes and is bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Learners 2021 published by the Minister of Education. Copies of the code are available on request from the school or online from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Pam Webb

International Student Coordinator

International Learner Fees:

All our international learners experience includes:

• Full integration into a New Zealand classroom at Hukanui Primary School.

• English Language support by way of a Learning Assistant.

• Hukanui Primary School stationery.

• Activity Fees for school trips and outings.

International Student Fees do not cover the cost of:

• Airfares.

• Accommodation.

• Medical and travel insurance.

• Student Visa or Immigration requirement costs.

• Transport to and from school.

• Hukanui Primary School uniform.

• Hukanui Primary School Camps

• Food during school hours.

Starting school at Hukanui Primary School

Once a place has been offered for an International Learner, a Hukanui Primary School start date will be suggested. Students will need to come in full school uniform on their start day. Hukanui School Uniforms can be purchased from Global Velocity or through Hukanui School.

On arrival at school International Learners will be walked to their classroom and introduced to both their teacher, classmates and the Learning Assistant working in their classroom. Stationery will be issued in class and where possible a Hukanui Student Translator will be assigned to your child.

School Information:

• Students are expected to attend school Monday – Friday.

• Most children arrive at school around 8:30am. The school bell will ring at 8:45 am as a signal to move to class, ready for the 9:00am start.

• School closes at 2.50pm and students are expected to be picked up by 3pm.

• Students are expected to wear school uniform every day.

• Students are expected to provide their own morning tea and lunch.

In New Zealand lunches are often sandwiches and bread rolls, fruit and snacks. Hot lunch can be ordered at school on Wednesday - Friday through EziLunch at an additional cost.

• All students are expected to abide by the school rules and have a high standard of manners, courtesy and respect for both staff and other students.

Queries and Concerns:

While we hope that students will be happy at school there may be times when you may have questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to ask for help or let us know if there is something upsetting or worrying your child. We are here to make sure your child gains a lot from their International Learner experience. The contact person for any queries is in the first instance the classroom teacher and then the International Coordinator.

We are proud of our International Learner programme and have a strong history of International Learner success. However, if you feel your problems have not been solved you may contact the International Education Appeal Authority, whose address is: International Education Appeal Authority: C/- Ministry of Education Private Bag 92644 Symonds Street, Auckland New Zealand Phone: 64-9-632 9513 Email:

Refund Conditions:

All applications for a refund of International Student fees must be in writing to the Principal, for approval by the Board of Trustees.

If the International Student has enrolled but has not yet started the course: The Tuition Fees may then be refunded in full -less a $1000.00 administration charge.

  • Withdrawing or transferring to another school without notification, may incur an additional penalty.

If the International Student has started the course and is still in the first half of the course: The Tuition Fee may be refunded less the following charges:

  • An Administration Fee of $1000.00.

  • The cost of the course up to the time of withdrawal on a pro rata basis.

If the International Student has started the course and is in the second half of that course: The Tuition Fees will only be refunded if there are special reasons for the student leaving such as becoming seriously ill or serious illness in the student’s family or some other special reason.

If a refund is to be claimed the International Learner must:

  • Write a letter explaining the special reasons

  • Have a letter from the learner’s family or Education Agent explaining the reasons, or

  • Supply a medical certificate

The Principal in consultation with the Board of Trustees will make the decision regarding a refund in these circumstances.

There are NO refunds if a student has been asked to leave the school because of bad behaviour, poor attendance or because the student has broken the school’s rules.