Starting School for 5 Year Olds

You and your new entrant child will be invited to two pre-school visits just prior to their 5th birthday. At these visits, you will get the opportunity to meet the teacher and the rest of the class. These visits are over two consecutive Tuesdays. Both visits are from 8.30am until 10.30am.

During the first visit, parents stay with their child. On the second visit, parents will leave the classroom to meet with Leo Spaans (Principal). At this meeting, we will explain ‘how things work’ at Hukanui and you will have the opportunity to ask us questions and clarify any information you have received. The aim is that you and your child will more readily feel part of our Hukanui community. After this meeting, parents may leave the school and return to the Reception Room at 10.30am. 

For both visits please bring a quick, healthy snack for brainfood (banana, yoghurt, etc) and a water bottle. Please also have your child come wearing their school uniform which can be purchased from Global Velocity online.

When you visit it is a good idea to purchase your stationery from the school office. Please direct any stationery queries to

The first day of school

All new entrant students start on the first Monday following their 5th birthday (except during holiday times). Bring your child to school at about 8.30am. Be prepared to stay until the bell rings at 8.45am.

Year 1 team Leader 

Michelle Bird

How long will my child stay in the Reception Room?

Children usually stay in the Reception Room for 4-6 weeks. However, this can vary depending on the time of the academic year, staffing, enrolment numbers and whether students are ready for the next stage of their learning.

Will my child be a Year O student or a Year 1 student?

At Hukanui School, all the new entrant students whose date of birth is on or before 31st May (in the current academic year) are classed as Year 1 students. They will move to Year 2 when the next academic year starts in the following February. All the new entrant students whose date of birth is on or after 1st June, are classed as Year 0 students and will move to Year 1 when the next academic year starts in February.

New Entrant Parent Evening

Once each term, we invite parents of children starting school to an information evening. These are held in our Reception Room Classroom.

This provides an opportunity for parents to meet the teachers who work in this area and to find out about our New Entrant programmes. This is a very important evening that will help to ensure your child has an informed and successful start to school, so please try to make every effort to attend.


As this is an informative evening specifically for parents/caregivers, we ask that you please do not bring children along.

This invitation, will be sent to you alongside your child’s school visit information.

2024 Dates:

Term 1 - Tuesday 26th March

Term 2 - Tuesday 18th June

Term 3 - Tuesday 10th September

Term 4 - Tuesday 3rd December

How can you help your child be school ready?