Our Journey

Tu Tangata- Stand Tall Hukanui- Our Emerging Learner Profile

What it means to be a Hukanui Hero

In 2020 Hukanui School embarked in a review of our Charter and wider Curriculum in light of changes to the National Learning Priorities. This changed the way we have approached inquiry learning and made us plan changes resulting from the NZ Curriculum Refresh.

This was an exciting time for Hukanui and we first sought stakeholder voice to try and ascertain, what was liked, what was needed and what needed to be changed. This involved face to face dialogue, staff meetings, surveys and a number of whanau hui.

After much dialogue and work the Hukanui Heroes or Learner Profile was refined and completed. As part of this Learner Profile five indicators, values and aspirations are becoming what we hoped children would aspire towards, develop, learn about and live by during their time within Hukanui. These also being our vehicle for addressing the principles, values and competencies of the NZC.

Since this time the profile has become more and more evident across the school and is now part of the ‘talk’ or lexicon of Hukanui. The profile is used in assemblies, through awards, in behaviours discussions, within our Hukanui Hero vouchers and features in all classes.

As a community we have also spent time exploring what these profile indicators should or could look like at a Junior, Middle and Senior School area. Our awesome whanau team also helped us to ensure that indicators were reflective of Te Ao Māori and our Māori Whānau.

In recent consultation and learning with Māori Whānau, Staff, Community and Students we have been working hard to ensure that our Learning Profile and school environments are reflective of our wider communities and that we place emphasis on Tikanga Māori. With this in mind our aim is to ensure Pou or Taonga connecting all our children, are reflected in our spaces, places and learning.