Hukanui Heroes

What is a Hukanui Hero?

Through investigations with Hukanui whānau and staff we created 5 attributes that incorporate what a Hukanui Hero is. Hukanui tamariki arrive at our kura as 'acorns' ready to be nurtured, explore their surroundings and make connections with their kaiako and other students. Through this exploration, they grow into 'saplings' ready to communicate their ideas and share their findings. Soon with guidance and support from their community they blossom into strong 'trees' that stand tall through challenges and opportunities! They are guardians of Hukanui and will lead and encourage the next generation of 'acorns' to thrive, like they did.

A Hukanui Hero is what Hukanui students grow into within this environment. Once these values are planted they will forever flourish in their minds helping them stand tall and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Hukanui Hero Values



  • Sense of belonging

  • Strong identity/Mana

  • Collaborates

  • Growth mindset

  • Reflecton




  • Expressive

  • Listens

  • Co-operates

  • Ako

  • Participates

Our Journey.mp4



  • Leader

  • Role model

  • Manaakitanga

  • Citizenship



  • Kind & Caring

  • Contributes

  • Inclusive

  • Respectful

  • Empathetic

  • Positive relationships




  • Inquires

  • Creates

  • Resilient

  • Responsible

  • Set goals

  • Personal excellence

Hukanui Hero Vouchers

Hukanui Hero vouchers, as seen above, are used frequently at Hukanui. These vouchers are given to heroes who are showing one or more of our Hukanui Hero values and aspirations. These are handed out in class, on the playground and more!

Once received, students place these into a box that represents their school house (Bear, Shark, Hawk or Tiger). These are then counted as house points, however, the excitement does not stop there!

We also do weekly draws for juniors, middles and seniors. The selected winners are entitled to a variety of prizes such as time with the one and only Mr Spaans, books, pens and even hot chocolates!